Supporting Infrastructure for Black‑led Social Change

For Grantmakers

Each day, philanthropic organizations provide millions of dollars in resources to community-elevating initiatives.

As funders learn about and wrestle with the concept of power-building at the community level, they are challenged to find and fund well-qualified organizations carrying out this important work in culturally relevant ways.

The Nafasi Fund can help.

Black-led organizations possess the skills, strengths, and insights to champion transformative solutions in their communities. The Nafasi Fund’s fiscal sponsorship services allow funders to meet their legal and auditing requirements while confidently channeling resources to the organizations best positioned to catalyze healing in their communities. Our philosophy fuses equity and sustainability, providing fiscally sponsored organizations with everything they need to achieve sustainability.

For Sponsorship Seekers

Each day, Black-led organizations are spearheading restoration, healing, and progress in their communities.

Many Black-led organizations are missing the administrative infrastructure that makes them eligible for the funding to support their transformative work.

The Nafasi Fund can help.

Working with a fiscal sponsor often solves the immediate problem of grant eligibility but does little to ensure that the organizations that use them ever become sustainable. The Nafasi Fund approaches fiscal sponsorship as an incubator for Black-led organizations to increase their effectiveness and grow independent, if they choose. Our partners receive tailored administrative and infrastructure supports for their current projects, robust technical assistance to help them move to sustainability, and the space in which to focus on their well-being.


Fiscal Sponsorship

The Nafasi Fund operates several fiscal sponsorship models:

  • Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship
  • Technical Advisement
  • Pre-approved Grant Relationship
  • Independent Contractor

Technical Assistance

The Nafasi Fund offers tailored training on topics related to organizational and program development such as financial management, effective governance, and program evaluation.

Healing Retreat for Black Leaders

The Nafasi Fund offers an annual, week-long retreat to provide a safe, healing space for the leaders of fiscally sponsored organizations. Our annual retreat centers the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

For more information about our services, contact:

E. Bomani Johnson
VP, External Partnerships