Areas of Impact

Philanthropy Services & Supports

The Moriah Group partners with philanthropies and philanthropic service organizations to advance positive life outcomes for whole communities. Through the lenses of racial equity, anti-racism, and culturally responsive healing practices (CRHP), we help them to conceptualize, implement, and manage the following activities:

Fiscal Sponsorship

Birthed from The Moriah Group, Nafasi Fund connects fiscal sponsorship to racial equity and sustainable social change. This work incubates Black-led organizations and provides them with the opportunity, capacity, and space they need to create and lead transformative solutions for their communities. Organizations fiscally sponsored by Nafasi Fund receive:

  • low-fee fiscal sponsorship
  • tailored administrative and infrastructure support
  • robust technical assistance to help them move to sustainability (if desired)
  • space for Black leaders to focus on their well-being


Leadership Development

Leaders of color are often navigating the same social issues they are striving to change. Practitioners of all sorts in the social justice and racial equity space need safe spaces to develop as leaders and to avoid burnout by prioritizing their wellbeing. The Moriah Group supports two leadership cohorts (Forward Promise Fellowship for Leaders and Nafasi Fund Annual Retreat for Black Leaders) so that interdisciplinary, intergenerational cohorts can share the vision and the weight of their call to justice and advocacy within a community of trust and care.

Technical Assistance

The Moriah Group provides technical assistance for systems, institutions, and organizations that helps them to develop, implement, and evaluate just and equitable programs and policies. Our training and curriculum are framed to uplift the healing and humanity of people of color by highlighting the effects of racialized trauma and the need for solutions that are rooted in the culture, values, languages, and rituals of the communities served. These technical assistance offerings will help systems, institutions, and organizations transform their policies and practices by:

  • making concrete improvements to their existing operating models
  • reimagining transformation by infusing racial equity into the work
  • engaging youth and their communities in culturally authentic ways
  • recruiting and retaining staff that reflect the community
  • gathering and analyzing data to fully understand the issues impacting communities


Field Building

In addition to our technical assistance offerings, The Moriah Group is active in building knowledge in the field to inform and reframe policy, practice, and funding decisions about communities of color and what they deserve. Through our flagship initiative, Forward Promise, we help activists, direct service practitioners, youth-serving systems, and leaders in philanthropy to emphasize the needs, dreams, and stories of young people of color and their communities. Our work includes:

  • producing webinars, webcasts, and a podcast
  • publishing briefs, papers, toolkits, and action guides
  • highlighting evidence-based research
  • encouraging cross-systems partnerships
  • facilitating communities of care

"You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines. You make progress by implementing ideas." - Shirley Chisholm