Education Minute #7 - Outdoor Play

Today let’s talk about outdoor play. In our increasingly technology-driven world, it seems that children spend less and less time outside. Getting your kids to play outside isn't just fun - it's really good for them! There are many health and learning benefits that come with getting your kids outside.

  • Did you know that playing outside can actually improve their vision? Every additional hour spent outside each week can reduce the chances of a child developing nearsightedness.
  • Unstructured outdoor play also promotes social skills. Children playing together at the park learn how to interact with peers, share, and take turns through play. It also strengthens their language and communication skills.
  • Children who play outside have a longer attention span, are more curious, and want to investigate the world around them.
  • Outdoor play, particularly in green spaces, is also relaxing and healing. It reduces stress and builds resilience in children.
  • Outdoor play and increased exposure to sunlight increases their Vitamin D levels, which promotes bone health and helps prevent diabetes and heart disease.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get outside! * This article is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be providing medical advice and is not a substitute for such advice. The reader should always consult a health care provider concerning any medical condition or treatment plan.