Fact Sheet 3: Equity Impact Analysis


Recognizing your organization’s inequitable practices is one of the first steps to creating significant change for people of color. The Equity Impact Analysis fact sheet serves as a guide to ensure your organization is functioning with a racial equity lens by providing prompts to consider when developing your work. 

“Since people of color know their communities best, they will have insight on the social issues, historical policies, and pressing concerns related to their health and well-being.”


  • The Equity Impact Analysis document can be a complement to your existing organizational policies.
  • It is important to involve the community members in the development of solutions to social issues. Offer them a seat at the table to provide their input on the strategies that are most relevant to their communities.
  • When investigating your equity impact consider whether or not disproportionality exists by race/ethnicity around the specific issue area. Then determine the factors that may produce or perpetuate inequities?