Fact Sheet 8: Building Partnerships


Building partnerships with community leaders allows social justice advocates to center the people they serve in any conversations about their futures. Collaborating with community-based organizations can create a wealth of opportunities for advocacy and help build partnerships with communities of color rather than dictatorships.

“It is important to share power with communities accustomed to decisions being made about them, without them.”

“Members of the community are best equipped to define community issues and needs; therefore, voices representing the community must be amplified.”


  • Community-based organizations, like churches and fraternities, can connect social justice advocates with trusted individuals and groups that share common concerns about core issues. There is strength in numbers—and each organization brings a different asset, resource, network, and expertise to advocacy campaigns.
  • As we move toward equity, accept that there will be an adjustment period as the coalition partners learn to share power and pursue mutual goals. Tips for a successful partnership include eliminating barriers to participation, promoting equitable decision-making, and managing conflict.