Education Minute #1 - Teaching Culture

Learning to appreciate and respect the culture and backgrounds of others is an extremely important value for our children to learn. You can expose your children to the beauty and significance of other cultures in several ways:

  • Expand their knowledge by reading books
  • Go to cultural events sponsored by organizations in the community
  • Encourage friendships with those of different races, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and abilities
  • Watch movies set in other cultures
  • Learn about positive influencers in different countries
  • Host an exchange student

Remember though that the most influential role model of cultural sensitivity and respect is YOU. Children become culturally sensitive and respectful when they see adults who display these same characteristics, and who are willing to stand against bias. Your actions can help to make the world a better place for everyone for generations to come.

Here are some great resources on teaching children about culture, race, and mutual respect:

Teaching Tolerance


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