Education Minute #4 – Math Skills

June 27, 2018

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How many times have you heard someone say, “oh I’m just not a math person?”

The truth is that nobody is automatically a math person. A lot of the anxiety around math for kids can be alleviated by doing some simple things:

  • First, play math games or puzzles to teach concepts like logic, space, and money. This reduces some of the stress around learning.
  • Second, focus on helping your child to understand the logic of the math problem, not just on getting the right answer.
  • Third, teach your child that math isn’t about speed. It doesn’t matter how fast you got the answer. What matters is that you know how to do the problem correctly.
  • And finally, encourage a growth mindset. Nobody is just born being good at math. Even math geniuses had to take time to learn. Just like we exercise our physical muscles, we can exercise our mental muscles through effort to grow our math skills.

And who knows? You may just be raising the next Katherine Johnson!